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Expo Sunderland celebrates imaginative regeneration and bold transformation in an ambitious city that’s reinventing itself.

With a proud past in shipbuilding, coal, salt and glass, Sunderland’s future is a digital city with cross-sector strengths, a booming green economy (already a European hub for electric vehicle research & production) and a Northern powerhouse for modern methods of construction.

As immersive
as it gets

An event like no other, Expo is a citywide experience, centred on Riverside Sunderland – an impressive carbon- neutral, central urban neighbourhood.

Visitors will walk around this unique setting, take in its dramatic, beautiful landscape and discover how careful planning, design excellence and breakthrough build quality can create outstanding social infrastructure and opportunities for residents and business.

An agenda to
reshape the agenda

Expo Sunderland has three main event themes, with a further six events focused on related topics:

What is it?

Who’s it for?

What’s it for?

Future Home

What is it?

Activations, exhibitions, demonstrations and business summits.

Who’s it for?

Residents, businesses and policy makers in the region and beyond.

What’s it for?

To bring to life Sunderland’s carbon-neutral ambition, evolving green economy, new social infrastructure and public spaces.

Showcasing how great design, advanced construction techniques, inspiring interiors, biodiverse green spaces, the sharing economy and sustainable travel come together to create attractive, healthy, and sustainable communities.


What is it?

A series of 10 low-carbon homes to explore, plus six homes in an exciting multi-generational shared housing development; as well as five community gardens/ shared spaces.

Who’s it for?

People and professionals in the region who want to explore design, build, interiors and technology in the future home and shared community.

What’s it for?

To demonstrate the best standards in sustainable urban living today through a selection of inspiring, curated homes, from an assisted living flat to a penthouse, family home or shared living development.

of 2030

What is it?

16 concept homes: +Home and Connector Housing - joint winners of the UK Government’s Home of 2030 design competition.

Who’s it for?

People and professionals who want to see innovative visions of affordable, efficient and healthy green homes.

What’s it for?

To showcase the future of building homes and communities including community-led self- builds, multi-generational housing and homes that can be recycled at the end of their use.

What is it?

Who’s it for?

What’s it for?

Future Living

What is it?

Consumer festivals, activations, exhibition pop-ups, live spectacles and demonstrations.

Who's it for?

Sunderland’s residents, consumers, businesses and anyone living in the North who wants to enjoy greener, smarter, more connected living.

What's it for?

To inspire people to live healthy active lifestyles through proactive engagement with ecology and biodiversity; food and growing; leisure, recreation and culture.

To showcase and encourage people to embrace low carbon and digital technology that can help people minimise their carbon footprint, energy use and waste - and reduce their cost of living.

And to promote new opportunities in education, skills, and employment opportunities for local people in emerging and creative industries.

for all

What is it?

Workshops and talks across college and university campuses and demonstrations at the new esports and Housing Innovation & Construction Skills Academies.

Who's it for?

People living in Sunderland and the North-East who want to build their skills in Sunderland’s thriving and emerging sectors.

What's it for?

To promote sustainable employment opportunities including upskilling; career-switching; new
and existing work opportunities.


What is it?

A programme of timely summits and investor pitches.

Who's it for?

Ambitious businesses and start-ups in the North-East.

What's it for?

To match the region’s leading businesses with educators, innovators, investors and partners to supercharge growth.

What is it?

Who’s it for?

What’s it for?

Future City

What is it?

High-level conference sessions, awards, exhibits, workshops, seminars and networking.

Who’s it for?

Business leaders and policy makers in the housing and regeneration sectors including investors, developers and national government.

What’s it for?

To explore how the public and private sector can work together to deliver innovative and ambitious regeneration that drives social and economic growth.

From investment in high quality housing and employment space, to creative and cultural facilities, sustainable transport solutions and digital, low carbon and renewable energy infrastructure.

& Investors

What is it?

A series of conference sessions and workshops.

Who’s it for?

Leaders in regional and national business and government, aspiring further and higher education students.

What’s it for?

To challenge, create and champion policy, pathways and funding solutions that create sustainable cities.

Global Game

What is it?

A programme of seminars and events.

Who’s it for?

Residents, business leaders and policy makers in the region, the UK and beyond.

What’s it for?

To explore technological innovation that supports carbon reduction, sustainable development and community engagement.

Attractions with interactions

Visitors to Expo Sunderland will explore and get under the skin of the revolutionary transformation that has taken shape at Riverside Sunderland and across the wider city centre using the City App, Virtual and Automated Reality technology, all enabled by the city’s hyperfast 5G network.

Fringe events and other attractions will fill the streets and spaces between the main Expo Sunderland venues, activating the city centre and completing this unique, immersive experience.

Advancing the
future for everyone

Expo Sunderland is for:


Local, national and global audiences will be drawn to Expo Sunderland to experience the innovative products, services and technologies they need for the next chapter of their growth. And they will meet the business partners and investors to make it happen.


Expo Sunderland will attract people from the North-East and beyond, who seek inspiration for sustainable living, answers to their burning questions and ways to break down barriers to change.


Sunderland’s innovative regeneration has broken new ground in the levelling up agenda, making it the perfect location for central and local Government to meet, discuss and redefine future cities together.

A world of possibility

Here are just some of the opportunities available to our Expo Sunderland partners:

Headline, stream lead and event sponsorship

Registration, app and event service sponsorships

Narrate and brand your own guided tours

Exhibiting, education and hospitality

Run a fringe event or activation

Develop tailored event previews and guides with us

Hold your own event before or within Expo Sunderland

Curate group tours with help from our student support crew

Create branded content at the event for your channels with our onsite team

Generate insight through our on-site research programme

Show home experiences, meetings, hospitality and takeovers

Sponsor an event feature or zone

Speak at our summits, workshops and demonstrations

Tailored event experiences for your members

Host a 1:1 networking stream

Let’s be partners in possibility

Expo Sunderland is a non-profit, carbon-neutral event, committed to extraordinary experiences and value for everyone involved.

As an original, conversation-starting, headline-grabbing, idea-sparking event you’ll enjoy a high profile.

Optimising that further will be hyper-relevant visitor relationship building, with every visitor segment served tailored content before, during and after Expo Sunderland, adding to the momentous experience value.

We’ll work with our event partners to achieve this together.

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